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Different Types of Skateboard

Typically, a skateboard store will sell just one kind of skateboard, however, on occasion, a skateboard shop may sell a variety of various sorts of boards. Due to the variety of various kinds and designs of skateboards, there is a multitude of variables to consider while selecting your board. Here is a guide to some of the boards you may encounter.

1. Classic longboard

A classic longboard is the original longboard design, measuring less than 33 inches in length and featuring a broader deck. Longboards are not very adept at tricks, but they can easily manage broad bends and are an excellent option if you want to be accurate with your road carving.

2. Downhill longboard

A downhill longboard is similar in width and length to a conventional longboard, but it is shorter in height. These boards have slots that allow for the addition of higher wheels that extend over the deck’s height, as well as shorter trucks. 

Certain downhill longboards have drop-through decks, which allow the truck to sit higher than the board, lowering the total height even more. This keeps the longboard on the downhill side closer to the ground. On a downhill course, downhill longboards may reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

3. Longboard with pintail

These longboards have a conventional form, but are oval, allowing the wheels to rest outside the deck. This enables you to go quicker and make sharper bends.

4. Twin tip longboard

Longboards with twin tips are almost similar to downhill longboards. Both feature wheel cuts and a low stance. The distinction between these two types of boards is that twin tip boards are identical on both ends, while downhill boards often feature a nose or tail that is shaped differently than the other end.

5. Cruiser skateboard

If you want to commute on your skateboard, cruisers are an excellent choice. They are similar to street skateboards but are thicker and feature larger, softer wheels, making them more suitable for high speeds and difficult terrain. A cruiser’s tail may be shaped to enable you to do tricks like ollies and kickflips.

6. Double kick skateboard

A double-kick skateboard, like a street board, has a popsicle shape, but the nose and tail are angled upward, making it easier to do tricks and freestyle while riding. They feature stronger decks and tougher wheels to withstand the force of the launch and landing.

7. Mini skateboard

These are the tiniest boards and, as a result of their size, may be used by younger novices. Mini boards are also popular with older and more experienced skaters owing to their mobility.

These boards are sometimes on sale at a skate shop in Juno Beach. Bear in mind, however, that these boards may be very hazardous owing to their proclivity for slipping out from under you. If you are a beginner skater, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing a bigger board, which will be more stable and have a greater surface area.

8. Mini cruiser skateboard

A mini-cruiser board is a cross between a cruiser and a mini, with big, supple wheels and a tiny, narrow deck. These are ideal for novices because of the stability provided by the big wheels.

9. Old-school skateboard

These skateboards resemble surfboards in appearance, with a flat tail and a pointed nose.

You don’t frequently see them for sale at a skate shop nowadays, even though they were formerly the primary board used by skaters. These may be seen in vintage skate films.

10. Penny skateboard

These boards are made of plastic, are lighter than conventional boards, and are shorter, making them easier to carry. They are often shaped like old school boards, although there are also street and small cruiser versions.

11. Steep kick skateboard

Steep kick skateboards feature steeper and taller ends, which allows more experienced riders to execute tricks that need a greater lift off the ground.

12. Street skateboard

These boards are very adaptable. They are popular with skaters since they are easy to ride in bowls and while skating. They feature a nose and tail that are the same in form and are spherical, similar to a popsicle stick, but there are various variations. Typically, these boards are slimmer than other versions.


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